Trisciuoglio Group to responsibly and effectively counter the spread of the coronavirus “Covid-19”, has taken sanitation and organizational measures for its staff in line with the indications issued by the Ministry of Health and health organisations responsible for this matter.

We then proceeded to:
– Sanitize the environments of the study daily;
– Inform our staff in an exhaustive manner on behaviour methodologies;
– Invite anyone who occurrences flu symptoms to call numbers indicated by the Ministry.

We also point out that Trisciuoglio Group, having started working collaborations with the United States for about a year, has long since taken the path of Smart Working, enhancing its internet network and allowing remote work. The use of this working methodology was then promptly activated from 21 February 2020 and will continue until further notice.

At the same time, in order to further reduce the risks of contacts and possible infections, every event, conference, course, meeting has been cancelled, defering them to dates to be allocated, including the Conference that was to be held in Milan on 12 March 2020, together with the CEI and Siemens S.p.A.

We believe that these measures can ensure the continuity of our work and, in line with the development of the situation, we remain available to our interlocutors, replacing any meetings or working meetings with video conferences and other digital communication tools.

In sharing measures of this kind, we are convinced that we can contribute, for our very small part, to build an embankment to the spread of coronavirus.

Ing. Domenico Trisciuoglio

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