Historical Museum Complexes

Teatro San Carlo in Naples
Nation Library Victor Emmanuel III - Naples
Royal Palace of Naples

Since the 1990s, the Trisciuoglio studio has been particularly dedicated to the facilities for buildings that are valuable for art and history.

Ing. Domenico Trisciuoglio, after following the project of the San Carlo Theatre, was appointed a member of T.O.S.C.A. (Trans Opera Security & Care Association) European Commission for Theatre Safety.

He then developed the new CEI Standard on places of art and history.

The study includes projects of the following complexes:

Restauro del Teatro di Corte

Restauro del Teatro di Corte

Trisciuoglio Group

Since 1967 it has been operating in the field of plants, first electric and then, following the evolution of the market, in the field of special and mechanical plants. It has locations in Italy and abroad. The headquarters are located in Naples.

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