Risk Analysis and CPI

  • Tower 5 risk analysis of the Polyfunctional Centre of Via Nuova Poggioreale in Naples

It is a 14-story tower plus a basement and a roof terrace. Offices of different types are located throughout its surface area, but mostly accessible to external users. Again, the analysis, which is being carried out, is intended to detect the state of the building's safety from every point of view, and then remove all the danger situations that might be highlighted.

  • Risk analysis Prefecture of the Polyfunctional Center of Via Nuova Poggioreale in Naples

The detached headquarters of the Prefecture of Naples is located within the multifunctional center of Via Nuova Poggioreale, more precisely in the building marked number 8, consisting of three floors above ground plus a fourth level represented by the terrace covering, for a total area of about 3,500 square meters. Inside are located offices and archives, and in addition to the presence of employees, there is constant presence of external users. For this reason it was essential to conduct a study on the safety of the entire building, with a particular focus on the dislocation of the exodus routes and all safety facilities (indicating exodus routes, fumedetection, fire extinguishing), then implementing all those measures necessary to achieve a high degree of safety for people and for things.

  • CPI

The study dealt with the following CPI practices


  • Government Palace – L'Aquila
  • National Library "Vittorio Emmanuel III" of Naples
  • Royal Palace of Naples
  • St. Peter's Conservatory in Majella, Naples
other practices

Of all the following facilities, the study carried out safety screening, in relation to Legislative Decree 626/94 and subsequent changes and additions, providing the Clients with the necessary assistance as well as for risk analysis, also for all the tasks necessary for their elimination.

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  • National Library “Vittorio Emanuele III” – Naples
  • Brancacciana Library – Naples
  • Psychiatric clinic “Colucci” – Naples
  • Cimarosa Services Center – Naples
  • Analysis study Prof. From Pietto – Naples
  • TELECOM Central – Monteverna Plain – Benevento
  • Telecom Central – San Leucio – Benevento
  • Telecom Central – Verroni – Caserta
  • Telecom Central – Fratte – Salerno
  • Telecom Central – G Pride – Matera
  • TELECOM Central – Coal – Power
  • Telecom Central – Perillo Meadow – Power
  • Telecom Central – Trinity – Power
  • Telecom Central – Gragnano (Napoli)
  • Telecom Central – Ogliastro Cilento (Salerno)
  • Telecom Central – Octa (Salerno)
  • Telecom Central – Campania Conca (Caserta)
  • Telecom Central – Dragons (Caserta)
  • Telecom Central – S.Agata de’Goti (Caserta)
  • Telecom Central – Wall (Caserta)
  • Telecom Central – S.Arpino (Caserta)
  • Telecom Central – Monte di Procida – Naples
  • Telecom Central – Laurito – Salerno
  • Lazio Archaeological Superintendent Headquarters
  • Export Office of the Archaeological Superintendent of Lazio
  • Villa Adriana – Tivoli
  • Minturno Museum and Archaeological Area (LT)
  • Nemi Museum (RM)
  • Sperlonga Museum (LT)
  • Archaeological area of Cassino (FR)
  • Formia Museum (LT)
  • Palestrina Museum (RM)
  • Shrine and Deposit of Hercules Winner – Tivoli (RM)
  • Naples Prefecture Building, at the Polyfunctional Centre of Via Nuova Poggioreale (NA)
  • Tower 5 of the Polyfunctional Centre of Via Nuova Poggioreale (NA)

Restauro del Teatro di Corte

Restauro del Teatro di Corte

Trisciuoglio Group

Since 1967 it has been operating in the field of plants, first electric and then, following the evolution of the market, in the field of special and mechanical plants. It has locations in Italy and abroad. The headquarters are located in Naples.

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