Trisciuoglio Group

has always been at the forefront and has always invested heavily in research. He often "dared", leading the way to others with cutting-edge solutions that were all successful and, in the following years, were followed and applied by everyone else. The most important records set by Trisciuoglio Group are shown here.




First plant software made in Italy

Project Sintesis

(1983 – 1st edition)

In 1982-1983, when personal computers began to spread, ing. Domenico Trisciuoglio created and produced software capable of performing, automatically, the complete calculation of all low voltage electrical networks.

The software is accompanied by three volumes that illustrate how low voltage electrical systems are designed through the use of a PC. The box containing the volumes and the software, in blue color, was printed in 1986 in a limited number of 1000 copies.


First Building Automation plant designed in Italy

(Teatro di San Carlo – Naples)

EIBA Award '96

In April 1996, he was awarded the “Certificate of Appreciation THE EIBA AWARD” in Frankfurt for his project of the electrical systems of the Teatro san Carlo in Naples.


First integrated Building Automation plant in Italy

(Royal Palace – National Library – Naples)

EIBA Award '98

In April 1998 his project of the electrical systems of the National Library, Vittorio Emanuele III of Naples won the EIBA Award, out of a total of more than 1200 projects from all over the world. 

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First book written on Witricity

wireless electricity, from the 2007 Boston MIT invention

Witricity, a wireless world

(2018 – 1st edition)

WITRICITY, contraction of Wireless Electricity is the electricity distributed without the need for conductors, or wires and connection sockets. This technology is destined to change the lifestyle of all of us.

From Tesla’s dream to the discovery of MIT to today’s reality and future prospects, the book describes the state of the art of experimental applications, those already implemented and all the main developments.

Interview with Ing. Domenico Trisciuoglio
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Trisciuoglio Group

Since 1967 it has been operating in the field of plants, first electric and then, following the evolution of the market, in the field of special and mechanical plants. It has locations in Italy and abroad. The headquarters are located in Naples.

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