The New Techniques Group organizes the second edition of DATA CENTER INNOVATION DAY

A day of study focused on the backbone of current and future data transmission networks.

Data centers are now widespread all over the world and at any level: from the simple office to the big giants of industry, now the preservation of data, their treatment, their security have become a predominant element of life. But what are the problems that arise in the construction and management of these immense databases? During separate study and work sessions but intimately connected by a single common thread, experts from all topics interested in data centers will take stock of the situation at present and try to prepare users for future developments.
Much more than just a conference, DATA CENTER INNOVATION DAY is now the most authoritative reference for anyone dealing with data centers.

Below you will find the form for free registration to the DATA CENTER INNOVATION DAY

(Domenico Trisciuoglio)

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