Ing. Domenico Trisciuoglio

Since 1980 he has given countless lectures, throughout Italy, on different topics, related to the design, construction, management of electrical and technological systems in general.

Witricity, a wireless world (2018 – 1st edition)

WITRICITY, contraction of Wireless Electricity is the electricity distributed without the need for conductors, or wires and connection sockets. This technology, destined to change the life habits of all of us, will soon enter homes and offices, allowing mobile phones, tablets and computers to be loaded directly on top of a desk, or to load the car (electric) in a box or pitches, placing it on a special plate without any physical connection. These and other applications also in the medical field, in the industrial sector and in various other fields are already working in the laboratory and many are already available in the first real and usable versions. From Tesla’s dream to the discovery of MIT to today’s reality and future prospects, the book describes the state of the art of experimental applications, those already implemented and all the main developments. Anyone reading this book will be fascinated by the perspectives that this technology offers to humanity and will take a leap into a future that will soon become reality.

Interview with Ing. Domenico Trisciuoglio
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Introduction to Home Automation (2009 – 3rd edition)

Publisher New Techniques, aims to inform in a popular and accessible way to all, the characteristics and potential of BUS technology applied within the home walls.  During the year, 2009 was published the third edition of the same volume, with updates and expansions on automation to serve the house.

Introduction to Home Automation (2005 – 2rd edition)

Publisher New Techniques, aims to inform in a popular and accessible way to all, the characteristics and potential of BUS technology applied within the home walls. During the year 2005, the second edition of the same volume was published, with a series of expansions that update the content to the needs and novelties of a growing market, affecting the world of new constructions such as that of domestic renovations, and its new protagonists.

Facilities and safety in places of art (2005)

"The National Library of Naples", finished printing in 2005, the book illustrates all the electrical and special installations, made inside the National Library of Naples, as an emblematic example of good conduct, for the design and execution plants in places valuable for art and history.

Safe Electrical Systems (2004 – 2nd Edition)

Book dealing with the safety of the plants in the light of the current legislation and law 46/90, published in 1995 with 3 reprints (New Technical Publishing Society, Milan), now in its second edition with other reprints.

Industrial outlets (2003)

Regulations, installation and security", publisher New Techniques, finished printing in 2003. The text is intended to be a useful tool for all those who find themselves choosing, installing and using these components of the electrical system by providing the information necessary to orient themselves in this area, both in terms of the purely both in terms of construction and ultimately application.

The Electrical System Manual (2002)

Editor New Techniques, two-volume manual of more than 2500 pages, finished printing in 2002, covering all topics related to electrical systems; Ing. Trisciuoglio wrote the entire part related to the plants in particular environments.

The Theatre of St. Charles: Plants on stage (2001)

Finished printing in 2001, the book deals with all the installations designed and directed by the author in the oldest Opera House still in operation.

Project Sintesis Plus (1986 – 2nd edition)

New edition of the previous software, completely revised and updated. Copyright was transferred to the Siemens Company, which he recognized as the author Domenico Trisciuoglio, the intellectual property of the work. The Title was updated in Project Sintesis Plus and the volumes, the software and the container set contain the author’s name. The work was published by the Tecniche Nuove Publishing Company in 1990. In 1992 it had sold more than 3000 copies.

Project Sintesis (1983 – 1st edition)

Plant calculation software is 3 volumes.

In 1982-1983, when personal computers began to spread, ing. Domenico Trisciuoglio created and produced software capable of performing, automatically, the complete calculation of all low voltage electrical networks. The software is accompanied by three volumes that illustrate how low voltage electrical systems are designed through the use of a PC. 
The box set containing the volumes and the software, in light blue color, was printed in 1986 in a limited number of 1000 copies.

The Electrical System

The monthly of professionals who want to have a regular and comprehensive overview of the electrical installation sector and new products, accessories and systems put on the market. Ing. Domenico Trisciuoglio has been the Technical Director of the Electric Plant Magazine since 1 January 2007.

Prof. Ing. Giuseppe Trisciuoglio (1931-2005)

Giuseppe Trisciuoglio, university professor of the University Federico II of Naples, in 1987 constitutes the first Technical Study, destined then, in 1993, to become Trisciuoglio Group, under the direction of his son Domenico.
During the 43 years of university teaching he developed numerous researches and produced many publications of which some titles are given below.

  • An approximate method for studying the transient behavior of current reducers for protection (1972)
  • The High Voltage laboratory of the Institute of Electrotechnics (1978)
  • Experimental findings for the characterization of concrete as an electrolytic conductor (1981)
  • Characterization tests of low voltage circuit breakers (1983)
  • Electrical risk safety checks (1987)
  • Electrical installations in buildings for civilian homes – Checks and tests (1992)
  • The condominium and the law 46/90 (1993)
  • Electrical systems – coordinated design of technological systems in buildings used for civil use, in light of current regulations. (1993-1994-1995)

To him we owe the first designs, essentially of electrical and special systems in the predominantly Hospital area.

Trisciuoglio Group

Since 1967 it has been operating in the field of plants, first electric and then, following the evolution of the market, in the field of special and mechanical plants. It has locations in Italy and abroad. The headquarters are located in Naples.

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