National Library "V. Emanuele III" in Naples

Press Review

It is the largest Library of the Region and a reference point for scholars in southern Italy.

The study highlighted all existing plants; The project for the lightning rod and the overall design of all the Facilities of the Library, including lighting systems, have been implemented.

The headquarters of the National Library is located in a part of the Royal Palace Complex and occupies an area of more than 20,000 square meters.

In view of the site and its contents, the National Library of Naples is also considered a museum environment.

The project began from the assumption that the Library, although affected by the total refurbishment of all its plants, had to continue to operate without interruptions of activity, if not partial. transformation, located in different and distant sites, the electrical distribution to more than fifty paintings and area subframes.

Both for safety reasons and to avoid the production of dust that could have damaged the books, mineral insulation cables were used for external laying (appropriately camouflaged) so as not to touch surfaces covered with frescoes protected by the Superintendent.

The project also included the construction of emergency and safety power sources.

The time for the construction of the works has been respected. The study also looked after the Directorate of Works.

Due to the innovative design of the project, a volume has been requested to be published outlining these concepts, bringing them, for example, to other complexes and designers who have the same problems; the volume that collects these indications was printed in 2005.

EIBA AWARD ’98 Award for technological innovation and originality of the solutions adopted.

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