Royal Palace of Naples

Complex of great artistic and historical value. The study oversaw the survey of existing electrical and special systems as well as the design for the adaptation of electrical systems. The overall project includes regulatory adjustment of the existing electric cab and ex-new refurbishment of all primary and secondary distribution. The Royal Palace is basically divided into two parts: a first part consists of the Historical Apartment consisting of 30 rooms, each of which of great historical and artistic value; a second part of the Palace is instead home to the offices of the Superintendent of Environmental Heritage of Naples and Province.

The project as a whole was approved by the Superintendent; The first functional excerpts relating to the Historic Apartment and the offices are completed: in particular, the new electrical framework for the management and protection of all electrical loads of the Historic Apartment, as well as all the hollow routes has been created. secondary and secondary power supplies.

In 2002 the executive project of the halls began: in the individual rooms of the Apartment of the King, defined as the most beautiful rooms of the most beautiful building in Naples, the refurbishment of electrical and special systems, the construction of all electrical panels, is planned, as well as the power of historic chandeliers and candelabras.

In 2006 the studio designed all the electrical, special and air-conditioning systems of the Court Theatre.
The execution of the works, of which the studio also curates the Works Directorate, will be particularly aimed, in addition to the control of the correct execution of electrical works, also to the protection of the frescoes and paintings present in large numbers in all the rooms.
Reports and quotes in magazines and specialized volumes. Quote at the EIBA ’98 Award.