Historical museum complexes

Piccinni Theatre

The Piccinni Theatre is the oldest theatre in the city of Bari, having been completed in 1854.

It has been stationary for many years and, only in 2013, restoration work began, including the total refurbishment of all electrical, air conditioning, safety and special systems, as well as all the plants related to real production. and that is the set design.

The Trisciuoglio study has won the tender for the Directorate of Works of the entire work in relation to all the plants mentioned. The work, divided into several functional excerpts, lasted a good 6 years and ended in the summer of 2019.

During the course of the same, some changes in progress have led to the refurbishment of the design part of both the air conditioning systems and the electrical and safety part. The Trisciuoglio study was therefore interested in the redesign of the varied parts.

Construction, structural, plant and restoration work led to the completion of the work in 2019 and the official reopening of the Theatre in the same year.

 Status of the work: completed work

Trisciuoglio Group

Since 1967 it has been operating in the field of plants, first electric and then, following the evolution of the market, in the field of special and mechanical plants. It has locations in Italy and abroad. The headquarters are located in Naples.

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