All our work is important to us, but it is indisputable that some, for the place where they were made, take on a very particular value.
The project of the artistic lighting of the FARNESE COLLECTION at the Archaeological Museum of Naples (MANN) is one of them.
The FARNESE COLLECTION is a collection of works of art born in the Renaissance period at the behest of Alessandro Farnese who from 1543 began collecting and commissioning works to the greatest artists of the time.
Studio Trisciuoglio was commissioned to create a lighting studio in the years 2008-2009 with a focus on the two most renowned “pieces” of the entire collection: the winner Hercules and the marble group “The torture of Dirce” known in the world like the “Toro Farnese.”
Articles on this realization have been translated into many languages, including in China and Japan.
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Farnese Bull

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